Words + Language

Rare words, sentences entangled and translated, prose wrought and wrangled, ridiculous rhymes.

Science + Technology

Opening up a landscape of technical possibility and complexities of the world.

Fantasy + Magic

Recollections and reconceptions, spine-tingling awe-inpiring mind-expanding fruits of multifold imaginations.

Creating + Making

Generating interesting work, synthesizing fruits of past and present, and pushing things forth out into the world.

Sci-Fi + Futurism

Speculation, worldbuilding, radical thinking about our collective future.

Weirdness + Wonder

Genre-defying brilliance, introducing me to unexpected insight and intrigue threaded throughout the world.

Economics + Value

Machinations of business; vectors of transaction; the how and why of making a living in useful and sustainable ways (or trying to!)

Media + Design

Peeking beneath the surfaces, structures, and assumptions of how things are made and displayed.

Life + Learning

Thinking about living; thinking about thinking; analyzing and annotating oneself and sharing the process with others.

Community + Curiosity

Exploring interesting things with other interesting people.